Electra Lounge: A Synthesis of Electronic Music & Baskerville Serif in Venue Branding

Project Overview
In this school assignment, I was tasked to create a custom typeface based on Baskerville Serif, integrating elements reflective of the Electronic/DJ/Club/Dance music genre. The developed typeface, named "Synthwave Serif", would serve as the logo/display/headline type for a conceptual all-ages performance venue and café, the "Electra Lounge"
My Contributions

Research and Presentation

Conducted in-depth research on the electronic music genre and successfully delivered a concise presentation of the findings.

Typography Design

Created Synthwave Serif, a custom typeface from Baskerville Serif, showcasing creativity and technical skills.

Branding Design

Developed a cohesive branding suite for Electra Lounge, effectively translating the mood and characteristics of electronic music into visual design elements.

Synthwave Serif Typeface Design

Modified Baskerville Serif to create a new custom typeface, Synthwave Serif, inspired by the electronic music genre. Began with pen and paper sketches, transitioned to Illustrator for finalization, and potentially utilized a font design program for additional refining.

Electra Lounge Branding

Developed a comprehensive branding suite for the Electra Lounge, incorporating the Synthwave Serif typeface. The design suite included a logo and various touchpoints such as a mug, to-go cup, cup sleeve, and coffee bean packaging.

Performance Posters

Created promotional posters for three electronic music DJs or groups, utilizing Synthwave Serif and adhering to the Electra Lounge's design aesthetic.

Synthwave Serif Type Specimen Book

Created an 8x8 inches, 16-page book showcasing Synthwave Serif with example applications.


Successfully delivered Synthwave Serif, a custom typeface and a comprehensive branding suite for Electra Lounge, a conceptual electronic music café & performance venue. The project was well-received, demonstrating an understanding of typography design, branding, and the integration of electronic music and design elements.
School Project
Designer, Typographer, and Researcher
Mar 2023 — Apr 2023
The project was a unique exploration of the connection between music and design, specifically within the Electronic/DJ/Club/Dance genre. It expanded my skills in typography, branding, and design research, and offered valuable insights into the role of design in shaping musical and social spaces.