Transforming Reality: Capturing Emotion and Abstraction Through Movement

Project Overview
As part of a school project, this exhibition aimed to challenge the conventional understanding of reality by showing the captivating beauty of intentional camera movement photography. The goal was to demonstrate the potential of abstract photography to express emotion and suggest movement.

My Contributions

Innovation in Technique

Explored and implemented the lesser-known technique of intentional camera movement to create a unique style of abstract photography. This involved adjusting camera settings and physically moving the camera during exposure to capture emotion and movement.

Project Management

Managed the entire project lifecycle from initial concept development, through photography sessions, to final curation and exhibition installation. This included planning, time management, and execution within the school project timeline.

Artistic Curation

Selected and curated images that best represented the project's theme. Developed an exhibition layout that guides visitors through a journey from more literal to more abstract interpretations, ensuring a cohesive narrative throughout the exhibition.

Book Design

Created a 20-page book to house the exhibition images, carefully considering layout design to effectively present each photograph.

Academic Success

Achieved high academic recognition for the project, demonstrating not only technical photographic skills but also a thoughtful understanding of abstract artistic expression and exhibition planning.


Concept Development

Initiated with the idea to experiment with intentional camera movement techniques to create a unique set of images. The focus was on capturing a sense of motion and abstraction, moving away from traditional, sharply-focused images.


Altered camera settings to capture the movement of the camera during the exposure, leading to the creation of blurred, abstract images that evoke emotion and suggest motion. These images encapsulated fleeting moments and experiences from my life.

Photography Book Creation

Additionally, I created a 20-page book, housing the images from the exhibition. The layout design was carefully considered to present each photograph effectively, and the book served as a tangible extension of the exhibition.


The photography exhibition was successfully executed, showcasing the emotive and abstract quality of intentional camera movement photography. The 20-page book provided an additional platform to appreciate the images and served as a valuable keepsake.
Personal Project for School
Photographer, Curator, and Book Designer
Aug 2022 — Dec 2022
This school project provided a valuable opportunity to expand my photographic skills and artistic vision. It was a rewarding exploration of a unique photographic technique that allowed for a deeper understanding and appreciation of abstract photography. It also provided valuable experience in curating an exhibition and designing a photography book. The success and positive response have inspired me to continue exploring this style and its ability to convey complex emotions and experiences.